Please note that currently it can take up to 3 minutes for your live stream to appear on your website.

Channel Requirements

Important: in order to embed a livestream on YouTube, the Live Streaming and Embed live streams features need to be enabled in the YouTube account. You may need to manually test this beforehand to verify.

Your channel’s eligibility to embed a livestream is determined by the account age, number of subscribers, and watch time.
Your channel also needs to be verified and you need to have no live stream restrictions on your account. See and

If your channel does not meet the requirements there is, unfortunately, no way that we know of to get around YouTube’s restrictions on embedding a live stream. We recommend also streaming to Facebook or Vimeo, as those platforms don’t put any restrictions on embedding a live stream and WP Livestream works great with those as well.

Find YouTube channel ID

  1. Go to and enter the URL of your YouTube channel.
  2. Click the Get Youtube channel ID button.
  3. Copy the Channel ID.

Enter ID in WP Livestream

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to Settings -> WP Livestream
  2. Click on the YouTube Settings tab.
  3. Paste the channel ID you just copied into the Enter your YouTube channel ID field and click Save Changes.

If you are having any issues, please contact support.