Display Settings

Display Settings

Content to display when offline

Any content entered into this field will be show to your users when you are offline. This will be shown wherever the shortcode is placed.

Content above/below the live video

Any content entered into these fields will only be shown when a live video is being displayed. This will be shown wherever the shortcode is placed.

Notification Bar

  • Enable notification bar – check this box to enable the notification bar.
  • Notification Message – Enter any text or HTML here to be displayed for the message in the notification bar.
    ?Pro tip: If you are already using something like FontAwesome or another icon library on your site, you can include the HTML for the icon here.
  • Notification button text – Customize the text used for the button/call-to-action in the notification.
  • Notification button link – Enter the URL of the page you want the button in the notification to link to.
  • Notification position – Choose where on the screen you want the notification to appear.
  • Color options – you can customize the colors to match your brand using the color options.

Customizing the fonts in the Notification Bar

By default, the Notification Bar will simply match the default font used on your site. If you want to change or fine-tune what fonts are used, you will have to add the appropriate CSS to your site or theme. See below for CSS properties.

Notification Bar CSS Properties

Here are the CSS selectors you can use to further customize the Notification Bar

/* WP Livestream Notification Bar */
#wpls-notification {

/* WP Livestream Notification Bar Text */
#wpls-notification .wpls-notification-text-wrapper {
/* WP Livestream Notification Bar Button */
#wpls-notification a.wpls-notification-link {

Notification Bar Intelligence

We’ve built some logic in to the notification that determines when and where it will be displayed:

  • The notification will display on every page/post except for ones that are showing the live stream.
  • Once a user closes the notification by clicking the “X”, they won’t see the notification again for 10 minutes.

If you are having any issues, please contact support.