Automatically embed Facebook Live & Premiere in WordPress

Set it and forget it. No more copying and pasting embed codes!

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This livestream is auto-embedded from NASA’s YouTube channel
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Live or Premiere

Whether you are using Facebook Live or Premiere for your page, WP Livestream will detect and automatically embed the stream.


Set it and forget it.

No need to keep updating your website with a new embed code. WP Livestream automatically detects when you are live and puts it on your website.


Context aware.

Customize what is shown to your users when you are offline or live. No more blank pages or outdated embeds.


A simple shortcode.

Shortcodes are easy and widely supported in WordPress. WP Livestream ships with an easy to use shortcode that you can place in any page or post.


We’re only getting better.

More streaming platforms, notification options, and more are on the way. You get access to unlimited updates for the duration of your license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my website visitors need to manually refresh their browser window?

A. Yes. Currently, if a user visits your website before your live stream is detected, they will have to refresh the page in order to see the stream. We are looking into an option to automatically do this for the user – stay tuned!

A. It can take up to 3 minutes from the time that you go live for WP Livestream to detect your stream.

A. Currently, WP Livestream is designed to work with one stream/one platform at a time. However, we have added this to our feature list for an upcoming version.

A. No. Currently, only Facebook Pages are supported.

A. Yes! Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube are currently supported with more platforms on the way!

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